OpusYou questions legitimacy of Report of Findings. 

On July 23, 2021 OpusYou received a Report of Findings advising that the program, OpusYou Learning, submitted as part of the California Education Arts Instructional Materials Adoption is not recommended for adoption. We understand that a platform exists for OpusYou to address the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) on August 17 via public comment (see video of public comment here). We plan to use this platform to provide evidence of why the program should be adopted focusing on the following two points:

1. Reviewer Preparation: An activity log proving without doubt that the majority of the panel did not carry out a review as instructed;

2. Review Panel Citations: For every citation listed by the panel, where they believe we do not meet the standard or criterion statement, we have provided our own citation, proving without doubt, where we do meet the standard.

This evidence will be sent in written format to the IQC on August 17, 2021 and released to the public thereafter.

We accept the Edits and Corrections section within the Report of Findings. We also accept Criteria Category 3 Assessment. However, other matters of content findings, and edits and corrections that may have changed and not previously captured, are rejected by OpusYou.

We believe passionately in providing the best music curriculum for California public schools. We believe such an important moment requires the highest level of scrutiny. In addition to presenting this document to the IQC, and with a plan to make public comment at the Board of Education meeting in November, 2021, we have also spoken with Governor Newsom's Office who calls the whole system a textbook "racket". Ultimately, and we've heard it before, established publishers continue to dominate the textbook market.

"We in California have an obligation to disrupt that entire system nationwide."


"The evidence submitted by OpusYou to the IQC is unequivocal," said Scott Ellaway, President of OpusYou. "We believe that the curriculum should be recommended for adoption."

OpusYou Learning is a music teaching and learning program developed in California by OpusYou, designed to meet the California Arts Standards for Public Schools as adopted by the State Board of Education in 2019. The curriculum is truly unique, it is representative of music from all cultures, and it is the only curriculum that includes Native American Indian Music


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