OpusYou launches subsidized monthly subscription

Subscription offering - putting music teachers back in the driving seat. 

We are pleased to announce that OpusYou, a leader in the field of music education, is offering Core education materials via monthly subscription. The discounted subscription price is made possible via generous funding received from The Streisand Foundation, and as a recent recipient of the California Dream Fund, a $35 million grant program to seed entrepreneurship and small business creation in the State of California. 

OpusYou was founded to assist teachers by providing curriculum support, product training, and real-time interaction with world-class artists.

Scott Ellaway, President of OpusYou, said "It's time to put teachers back in the driving seat." By offering a subsidized monthly subscription, rather than budgeting for multiyear purchase, teachers purchase directly without the administrative headache. Money saved can be directed to instrumental purchase, musical scores, or in-classroom teacher support. 

Subsidized subscriptions are limited in number and are offered on a first-come, first served basis. 

Subscription Offering

OpusYou $14.99 per month

Music Appreciation 101 - musical excerpts - that satisfy state and national standards. Teacher notes include a variety of student centered activities all delivered online as part of grade-level music course.

Musical learning aligns to National Core Arts Standards – the processes of Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting.


OpusYou is a world leader in the creation of K-12 curriculum resource for music. To subscribe or find out more please contact Melissa Webb at admin@opusyou.com.

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