The problem we solve

Imagine that you're a music teacher working in an overstretched environment where it seems that every minute of your time is occupied with filing reports, planning lessons, and dealing with endless lengths of red tape, when all you want to do is get in the classroom and teach.

Imagine that your school is constantly reminding you that budgets are tight and getting tighter and that you either need to make the resources you currently buy go further or look for more cost-effective ones.

Perhaps you don't need to image this, perhaps this is you...

hourglass 1 1
Time-consuming administrative tasks
dollar coin stack 1
Increasingly tight department budgets
angry man 1
Over-stretched teaching staff

How we solve it

  • Easily accessible online lesson library
  • Pre-planned, yet flexible lesson plans
  • Interactive USA curriculum specific content
  • Engaging content for young audiences
  • Diverse and active community support

Now imagine how much easier your life would be if you had access to a structured yet flexible musical resource, specifically designed to link in with your existing curriculum, which gave you seemingly endless suggestions about how you can maximise your time in the classroom but which also allows you to call the shots. OpusYou means you no longer have to imagine the future of music education; it now becomes a reality

Designed to meet the ever-increasing and changing demands of 21s-century music education, OpusYou will change the way that you teach music in the classroom, offering you a degree of flexibility unlike any other product on the market, but which is backed up with extensive lesson suggestions and a diverse and active community support facility. Available and tailored specifically for all educational key stages, OpusYou is revolutionising the way that music is being taught across the globe, and as one of the most cost-effective products on the market, can you afford only to imagine what it would be like in your classroom?

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