Music Education Reimagined for Performing Arts Centers

OpusYou is proud to present a new arts education concept — Reimagined for Performing Arts Centers,  featuring cinematic broadcast and accompanying teaching materials.  The concept allows participating Performing Arts Centers to immerse local students in a ​ 360-degree curriculum through cinematic broadcast, ​ accompani...
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OpusYou expands to include Los Angeles Public Schools

OpusYou expands to include Los Angeles Public Schools
Coming off a successful rollout into Chicago and New York City Public Schools, OpusYou expands its music education influence to include schools within the Los Angeles Unified Public School District (LAUSD) in 2018. The UK-based organization offers online teaching resources for music education designed to give teaching professionals a cost-effective...
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OpusYou record new educational content with the LSO

I had the distinct privilege of conducting the London Symphony Orchestra in an exclusive recording for OpusYou. Working with musicians of the highest caliber is a dream come true! I have often used the analogy—it's like playing for your favorite football team. OpusYou is committed to delivering high-quality recordings and broadcasts for our ever-gr...
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OpusYou Founder, Scott Ellaway, Visits Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools
Last week I was fortunate to visit several schools in Chicago where OpusYou has developed a unique partnership supporting dedicated weekly arts instructional time as part of the Chicago Public Schools Arts Education Plan. I started off the week as a guest of music teacher Mark Britt at Portage Park Elementary School attending classes with 3rd and 4...
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Chicago Public Schools Renew Partnership with OpusYou

Scott Ellaway and the Del Sol String Quartet
Conductor Scott Ellaway and Chicago Public Schools are pleased to announce a renewed partnership with OpusYou , a UK-based organization offering online teaching resources for music education designed to give teaching professionals a cost-effective, high-quality, structured-yet-flexible classroom tool. It is specifically created to meet the cha...
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The ‘Future’ of Music Education?

Future of Music Education
We live in a world where we are constantly being offered, or at least promised, the 'future'. Whether it is in a new car, an airline seat, or even in a packet of corn flakes, it would seem that every aspect of our everyday life can be transformed by the future in the here and now. One wonders what the future actually will be like if we are already ...
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